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Release Alert: Alkonost – Tales Of Wanderings

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“In Slavic mythology, Alkonost (Алконост) is the goddess of the land of the dead. She is pictured as half-woman/half-bird.

The band stands on non-political and anti-racist positions.”


“The Band Alkonost was formed by Andrey Losev in August of 1996.
The first line up was the following: Andrey “Elk” Losev – guitar, Alexey Nightbird –bass/vocals, Sergey Medvedev – guitar (left the band in 1997), Vladimir Lushin – drums, Almira Fathullina – keyboard.

In january of 2000 the band presented their debut full-length album “Songs of the Eternal Oak”, which released on audio cassette by the Latvian label Beverina Productions and German Ketzer Records. At this period Vladimir Lushin left the band, Anton Chepigin took his place.
Alkonost needed the female voice and Alena Pelevina joined the band. Also the band changed the language of the lyrics, going from English into Russian. July 31, 2002 Beverina Productions and Ketzer Records released CD Alkonost, which consist of the album Songs of the Eternal Oak, demo Spirit Tending to Revolt, and two video clips. In 2003 comes the 2nd guitar player Dmitry Sokolov.

In 2004 Alkonost were the winners of the first rock awards Naberezhnye Chelny “Best Rock Group” and “Breakthrough of Rock.” In November 2004, a new label, the group released the album “Between the Wolrds”.

In 2006 Metalism Records released two albums, “Mezhmire” (Russian-language version of «Between the worlds»), and the new album “Put’ Neproydennyi (The path we never made)” The band accomplished Russian tour in support of latest album. The album received many good reviews, and the album comes in first place in the chart of Dark City magazine.

In 2006 the band celebrated its decade, made the live show in one of the best concert halls in the city, where were about 1,000 people. After this event, Alkonost went to Moscow in ‘Moscow Sound Records’ studio and record the album “Pesni Vechnova Dreva” (russian version of the album “songs of eternal oak”). The album was released on the label Metalism Records. After the release of the album was a big tour, during which the group played many shows in the Ukraine. The band came back and recorded a new album called ‘Kamennova Sertsa Krov (Stone Heart Blood)’.
In autumn of 2007 the band had the European tour with the band “Arkona”.

In 2008 the band took part in a concert tour of Russia, and in April of 2009 in Europe (Poland, Slovenia, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic), and also played at the festival Ragnarok in Germany. At the festival the band played with Einherjer, Korpiklaani, Týr, Thyrthing, Månegarm, Melechesh, etc.

In 2010 the German label «Einheit Produktionen» released new album “The Call of Wings”. Alexey Nightbird left the band. Alkonost started the record of the new album
In 2011-2012 Fatkhulin Almira, Alena Pelevin, Anton Chepigin, and a session bassist / vocalist Vladimir Pavlik left the band by different reasons.

By this time Ksenia Pobuzhanskaya (vocals) and Max “Pain” Shtanke (vocals and bass) join the band, and with the new line-up Alkonost returned to active live performances, performing in cities of Russia, and Ukraine took part in the large festivals “Moto-Maloyaroslavets’ 2012”, “Nashestvie (Invasion) 2012” and Carpathian Alliance Metal Open Air 2012 with such bands as Carpathian Forest, Dark Funeral, Moon Sorrow, Tyr, Arkona, Bucovina.”



August 20, 2015


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