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Release Alert: Bird’s Way

CASUS BELLI MUSICA and BEVERINA PRODUCTIONS present the mini-album of BIRDS’ WAY. The authors of the project are an arranger Aleksey Solov’yev (SERDTSE-KAMEN, CHERNAVA YARA, ex-ALKONOST), and a female singer Aleksandra Terekhina create in a vein of nordwave folk combining strongly marked rhythmical patterns, epic melodies, inclusions of the male choir and heartfelt female vocal parts. The songs of BIRDS’ WAY is the interweaving of images brought to Aleksandra Terekhina (an ethnographer by training) during ethnographical expeditions in Siberia, authentic themes of indigenous Arctic ethnic groups, and fine books read in youth.


Listen to it at:




Released in 10th, August 2015.



Aleksandra Terekhina – vocal, music, conception, lyrics

Aleksey Solov’yev (Serdtse-Kamen, Chernava Yara, ex-Alkonost) – conception, arrangement, music


VOCAL RECORDING: Playstudio (Moscow), Aleksandr Shvilev



Belyy Tsvet studio (Naberezhnye Chelny)



Dmitriy Kuznetsov, Leo, Bogdan (2)


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August 12, 2015


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