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Rhadamanthys – Midnight Skies



Today I’m reviewing a very “young” band that I had not heard about it before. Here’s some information about: Rhadamanthys is a progressive extreme metal band from Massachusetts, USA, founded by Charlie Monroy. The band features progressive metal roots, varying tempo and time signatures, chromatic harmonic structure and demanding instrumental part writing, accompanied by melodic phrasing and various elements of Scandinavian black and death metal. (From the Official Facebook page).


So, when I read that Rhadamanthys was a Progressive Black Metal band or Extreme Progressive as it was stated before, I was curious to see how the music would sound (well, kind of obvious, right), but this because lately I’ve been enjoying more and more Progressive elements on extreme music, something I didn’t until quite recently. Anyways, the band has just released a full-length album named “Midnight Skies”, which I’ll share my thoughts about with you on this review.




Citing as influences such as Diabolical Masquerade, Wintersun, Death, Cynic, Jason Becker, Tony MacAlpine, Marty Friedman and Andy LaRocque, Rhadamanthys managed to create a very exciting album that is full of melody, great riffs, symphonic and classical music elements. In my humble opinion, this is one beautiful album; I loved the whole atmosphere of grandeur and majesty. Some parts reminded me of the old, glorious Limbonic Art releases. The album’s pace is another aspect that should be praised as well, from a calm, relaxing and inspiring piece, the music naturally and gradually progress into a fast, powerful and extreme tune. The whole music sounds very theatrical and magnific, with a refined and sumptuous mood.


“Midnight Skies” production is to be praised as well. Alluring, exquisite and stunning as the last words I have to describe the music created by Rhadamanthys. And I ask you all to support this band. It will be great to see Rhadamanthys releasing more albums in the future to come.




Have a good day!


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Rhadamanthys


Album: Midnight Skies (2014)


Label: Sliptrick Records




1. Prelude to Oblivion

2. Oblivion

3. Of Dreams and Deception

4. Within the Embrace of Despair

5. Midnight Skies

6. Where Darkness Dwells

7. Requiem

8. A Tragedy Foretold

9. Another Dimension

10. Polaris

11. Children


Rhadamanthys is:


Charlie Monroy – Guitar


Guest Musicians:

Jeff DeMarco – Vocals

Davidjohn Blodgett – Keyboards

Chris Farmerie – Bass

Darren Cesca – Drums

Eli James – Bass on “Children” and “Polaris


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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September 17, 2014


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