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Sarpanitum – Blessed Be My Brothers…



Sarpanitum are an atmospheric brutal-blackened death-metal band who formed in 2003 playing various shows around the UK including the infamous LONDON DEATHFEST, as stated in the band’s biography. And concerning the band’s name, you can find in the most famous metal website that Sarpanit, according to Babylonian mythology, is a mother goddess married to Marduk. She is also called Erua, and was worshipped through the rising moon. With this small introduction, I present the band which latest album I’ll share some thoughts today. “Blessed Be My Brothers…” is Sarpanitum sophomore full-length album, released eight years after the fine début “Despoilment of Origin” and four years after the EP “Fidelium”.




I’ll be quite direct; this album is utterly amazing… I am listening to it one more time while writing this and holy hell, those guitars are so freaking good, as simplistic as this may sound, but they are so formidable, I dare to say breathtaking. The atmosphere is imposing, massive and striking. The band maintains an elegant aura throughout the entire album, outstandingly composed, with beautiful brutality. “Blessed Be My Brothers…” sheers fierceness, technicality and a huge amount of creativity, never, in my humble opinion, dropping the ball. This band managed to create a work in which there’s not one single dull moment.




It’s interesting to see how “Blessed Be My Brothers…” is absolutely aggressive, fast and savage, but, at the same time, ethereal, atmospheric and sublime. The compositions are epic, dazzling, and formidable; I can’t put in words how much I’ve enjoyed this creation. There are some blackened elements that enrich the experience as well, giving some sort of medieval touch to the music. The songs are complex, multi-layered and, one more time, very technical, but don’t be fooled to think that they might be boring, no, not at all, they actually give you that “I can face it and them all” feeling (be careful with that), you know, a real boost of energy with its thrilling, dramatic and monumental approach.




Another aspect of “Blessed Be My Brothers…” is that feels almost cinematic, in a very triumphant way, melodic and crushing, truly, in my modest view, a masterpiece of extreme art. The vocals blend between deep growls, most of the time, and some harsh, high pitched Black Metal shrieks, while the drumming is insane, a real carnage and the guitars, well, the guitars are eargasm inducing. Keyboards are intelligently used to create the atmospheric backgrounds and are never intrusive. Such a glorious release needs to be more and more recognized and promoted.




When it comes to the production, as the compositions, we have a magnificent work in this aspect of the album as well. I’m highly impressed and also glad that we can be delighted with new releases that are well-composed, recorded, unique and refreshing. This band deserves all the praise that they are receiving and much more. I now ask you to, please, check their music legally at their label Bandcamp page and if you like it, I beg of you to support and promote Sarpanitum in any way that is possible for you.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Sarpanitum


Album: Blessed Be My Brothers… (2015)


Label: Willowtip Records




  1. Komenos
  2. By Virtuous Reclamation
  3. Truth
  4. Glorification upon the Powdered Bones of the Sundered Dead
  5. Immortalised as Golden Spires
  6. Thy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished
  7. I Defy for I Am Free
  8. Homeland
  9. Malek al-Inkitar
  10. Blessed Be My Brothers


Sarpanitum is:


Tom Hyde – Guitars, Bass

Tom Innocenti – Vocals, Guitars (composition), Keyboards

Leon Macey – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Label Bandcamp:


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April 4, 2015


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