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Sathanas – Worship the Devil

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Today I’ll be sharing some thoughts on the latest release from one of the most legendary bands of the US underground, Sathanas. The Americans has just released a new album, named Worship the Devil. Here are some words about this band: Twenty-five fucking years! For over a quarter of a century, Pennsylvania’s SATHANAS had been holding high and proud extreme metal flag in his homeland, no matter what the ‘flavour of the day’ trend was. And besides, those veterans have never set any specific borders in between genres, let them be thrash, black or death just as long as it is METAL.




This is indeed a very good Black/ Thrash Metal album! Old-school, energetic, crude and blasphemous, “Worship the Devil” is must have album for anyone that is interested in mid-paced, uncompromised and evil sounding metal. Filled with excellent riffs, this is a very powerful and massive work, featuring also skilled drumming and great raspy shrieks that are almost a blend of Black and Thrash Metal vocals, much like the music when entirely observed.




As mentioned before, Sathanas has been around for a quarter of a century, always releasing solid works, but always being underrated. I believe that this band deserves more and more recognition, since they have never compromised their work, always consistent and engaging. And I truly believe that, with “Worship the Devil”, Sathanas has reached its peak, with an impressive level of maturity and musicianship. The music, while being aggressive and profane, feels well-composed and impassioned.




I have to say that I also enjoyed the album’s production, pretty much clean, with all instruments as well as vocals well-balanced and easily audible. My friends, these are some thoughts about “Worship the Devil”. I kindly invite all that enjoys this musical genre to check this album and, if you like what you hear, I urge you to support this band. They are indeed, in my modest view, very underrated and are worth of much more appreciation.




Take care.


Promo kindly provided by Jan – Sure Shot Worx.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Sathanas


Album: Worship The Devil (2015)


Label: Doomentia Records




  1. Written in Blood
  2. Satan’s Cross
  3. Oath of Witchery
  4. Marked by the Beast
  5. Upon the Age of Darkness
  6. In Death’s Name We Pray
  7. Blessings of Doom
  8. Black Paths of Devilry


Sathanas is:


Paul Tucker – Guitar / Vocals

Bill Davidson – Bass

Jim Strauss – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Youtube:


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March 27, 2015


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