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Perhaps one of the most prolific and creative artists of our age, Senmuth has released just in 2014 eight, yes, eight full-length albums, the latest one being古, which I’ll be sharing my thoughts soon. It is obvious that releasing, overall, more than 150 albums since the year 2004, some are better, some are not as great as the others. That’s normal for every single musician.




On his biography, Senmuth states: “since childhood, reaching for musical instruments and tape recorders … but the background of a difficult situation in the family, still was able to start playing music … the school had two groups … after school one … and after all of this was to do with friends, learning the basics of home recording and playing different instruments … Only after many years of hard work began to appear some headway…”. He is a self-taught musician.




About his music, here are his own thoughts: “experimental music, combining genres in a variety of combinations of ambient and new age to industrial and metal. Pronikaya in the ancient cultures of the planet and the cradle of civilization, creates an extraordinary atmosphere of spiritual and musical journey of diving in the mystical aspects of our being.”




And about his target audience: “an educated, socially active and intellectual development of young and mature individuals who know how to conduct self-identity and criticism surrounding reality, capable of resisting the imposed priorities and the impact of the media.”




This all sounds very interesting, but really, what about the music; does it live up to the expectations? Yes, in my humble opinion yes, I think this work/ project is outstanding, but it will only please those that are into experimental and ethnic music. If you don’t care about such genres, you won’t be able to enjoy it at all, but if you do, you should check this album.




Senmuth classifies this album as Avant-garde Ethnic Metal, so, you already know what to expect… like I’ve mentioned on the previous paragraph, lots of experimentations, ethnic sounds, interesting psychedelic guitar work, electronic beats, but no vocals, it’s practically an instrumental release that could be also described as electronic metal with ethnic overtones. I really enjoyed it.




Please, if you enjoy the music and even if you don’t, but have a kind heart, support Senmuth, he had to go under an expensive surgery and you know, sadly, not even Chuck Schuldiner could afford his treatment. Unfortunately life can be very hard and unfair.





Have a good day.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: Senmuth


Album: 古 (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Portculis Open

2. Qasr el Sagha Formation

3. Omi Kangri

4. Stone Ancient Landscape

5. Coherent East Parfumesense

6. Shanhaijing

7. ISIS Inside

8. Portculis Close


Senmuth is:


Senmuth – Instruments, Samples, Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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August 31, 2014


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