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Skogen – I döden



Founded in the year 2009, Swedish Black Metallers have already released four full-length albums, all much acclaimed in the metal scene, in 2009, we were able to listen to “Vittra”, two years later, “Svitjod”, 2012 was the year that “Eld” and now, 2014, “I döden” has come to light. I personally think that they are a must-own, since the music, in all of them, is real alluring music.




“I döden” is a real pleasure to the ears. Composed of majestic, beautiful tunes, we are talking about an atmospheric Black Metal album with a Folk/ Viking mood, epic and contemplative, almost hypnotic. Although being a Black Metal album, it’s relaxing, emotional and serene. The best music, in my humble opinion, is the one that comes from the heart and I truly believe it’s the case with Skogen. There are also moments of fury and a bit of decadence. I should also add that “I döden”, in my humble opinion, is simply a gorgeous release.




The use of synths and acoustic guitars enriches the album. “I döden” is usually mid-paced, with beautiful chants as backing vocals, but there are always a natural progression between the fast and the slower, more atmospheric parts. Keyboards are featured on this release as well, but you don’t feel like it overtakes the other instruments, but actually it’s finely used to create and elevated and grandiose mood. The album also features the “must-have elements”, such as blast-beats, tremolo picking, harsh shrieks, all pleasantly blended into a stunning release. I think that if I had to choose some remembrances on this album, I’d perhaps mention old Satyricon, Burzum and a bit of Einherjer. Only fine examples, in my modest view.




When it comes to the production aspect of “I döden”, nothing but praises as well, a job well-done. This is a band that deserves more attention. Such artistic and creative musicians are entitled to have more listeners… and that’s what I beg of you, check this band, support them the way you are able to. They deserve it.




Have a good day.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Skogen


Album: I döden (2014)


Label: Nordvis Produktion




1. Vargher

2. I döden

3. När himlen svartnar

4. Solarvore

5. Livets ruin

6. Griftenatt

7. Midvintergraven

8. Svartskogen

9. Sleep


Skogen is:


Joakim Svensson – Bass, Guitars, Vocals

Mathias Nilsson – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals

L. Larsson – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Reverbnation:


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November 18, 2014


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