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Skogmark – Sworn to Paganism



First of all, there’s no excuse not to check this album as the band itself is sharing the album for free, well, unless you don’t like Black Metal. Allow me to talk a bit about the band first, please. Hailing from the beautiful and historical band of Saint Petersburg/ Russia, where, perhaps, my favorite book was set, “Crime and Punishment”, a city that is a feast to your eyes, so I’ve heard, as I still haven’t visited (yet!), Skogmark is an atmospheric black metal band that was founded in 2012 and already in 2013 has released an EP named “Autumn-Winter” and now in 2014 their first full-length album named “Sworn to Paganism”.




The album sounds very beautiful and absolutely well-done. The musicianship feels superb and the music, in my humble opinion, is extraordinary, impassioned and intense. I love how the album feels, its powerful and engaging aura. It reminds me a bit of old Emperor, symphonic, melodic and mystical. It also feels very pagan, obviously like its title, and majestic. The compositions are long, but they never get boring at all, and there are no fillers, all songs sound fantastic.




I enjoyed this album so much, this band’s highly satisfying work, that I don’t want it to be overlooked and forgotten in the future. No, this band deserves much, much more and they are doing it correctly. Since labels and distribution is so difficult nowadays, they’re sharing their first EP and first full-length album for free and asking for your help, to share it to your friends as well. And not only that, the band is creative and put out an outstanding album. They have everything to make it, although we all know that it’s hard, so, I kindly ask you. Support them by sharing the album on Facebook.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5


Bands: Skogmark


Album: Sworn to Paganism (2014)


Label: Self-released




1. Spirit of Forests

2. Wrath of Gods

3. Sworn to Paganism

4. The End of White Order

5. Reminiscence of Origin

6. Requiem

7. Dødskamp

8. Awaiting the Blizzards


Skogmark is:


Mor – Bass

A. – Drums

C. – Guitars

M. – Guitars

Hate – Vocals


Official Facebook:

Official Soundcloud:

July 15, 2014


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