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An interesting band from an interesting country on today’s review… The band is Solbrud, originally from Copenhagen/ Denmark, this Atmospheric Black Metal group was founded five years ago and has already released a demo and two full-length albums, their sophomore one in 2014 named Jærtegn. Citing bands of their interest such as Ajuna, Eldjudnir, I, Mountain, Ludicra, Molo and featuring lyrics about nature and death, I was eager to listen to Jærtegn for quite some time.




This album sounds poetic and mournful, exquisite and eerie. The Atmospheric Black Metal created by these musicians is, in my humble opinion, alluring. Blending elements of Swedish and Norwegian Black Metal with their own identity, their music is still fast paced, even though we are talking about an (one more time) atmospheric album. I believe I can also sense some Cascadian influences as well. The whole release sounds very captivating and entertaining, qualitative and refined.




To describe the music, briefly, is not an easy task, but I’m sharing my modest conclusions about it, of course. We’ve got fast riffs, melodic at many times, explosive drumming and incredibly great bass, raspy, emotional harsh vocals, all blending into an epic, majestic mood. We also have a triumphant feel over the release, dark and cold melodies, magnificent progressions and powerful intensity. And one more observation needed, there are “only” four songs, but they are all long, so don’t worry about the length of the album, it’s more than satisfying.




Jærtegn’s production, tracked and mixed by Lasse Ballade and mastered by Johnny Stage, is a fine example for Atmospheric Black Metal bands, a bit raw, but listenable and well-executed, but not too polished, not mechanical, a great work. So, I ask you, my dear friends, to check Solbrud and if you like their music, do what is possible for you, cherish reader, in order to support this band. If you can’t purchase an album edition, spread the word about the band, share their pages on Facebook, whatever you believe will help Solbrud.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Solbrud


Album: Jærtegn (2014)


Label: Mighty Music




1. Sortedøden

2. Afbed

3. Klippemennesket

4. Ursult


Solbrud is:


Tobias Pedersen – Bass

Troels Pedersen – Drums

Adrian Utzon Dietz – Guitars (lead)

Ole Pedersen Luk – Vocals, Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

December 12, 2014


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