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Stormnatt is an Austrian Black Metal band founded in the year 2000 in Wien. The band has released a demo and three albums, “Resurrection Ov The Kult” in 2005, in the year 2009, The Crimson Sacrament and now, in 2014, Omega Therion comes to light, which the band classifies as “seven high class, raw, yet melodic and deadly hymns of supreme magickal Black Metal. An audial manifestation forged in pure darkness, spewn from the rotten womb of death.”


I’ve heard the release three times before deciding to share my thoughts and, while I’m typing this short article, I’m listening to “Omega Therion” one more time. There are so many several positive aspects about the album; the music here is very, very satisfying, the musicianship is strong and the song structures, fortunately, differ very much from one another (you know, it’s not like those albums that you simply can’t distinguish when a different song has started).




The guitar work is great, melodic, fast, exciting and yet raw, crude. The drumming work is more than competent, very efficient and thrilling. The vocals are handled well, the typical Black Metal shrieks that when done wrong as just a shame, which, obviously, isn’t the case here. The music sounds cold, but, at the same time, it’s catchy and pleasing to the ear. In my modest view, this is one release that needs more attention from Black Metal listeners.


And if you care about the production, “Omega Therion” is clear enough for you to be able to enjoy the album songs. And I close my article by asking you all, like always, to support the band if you enjoy their work. Share Stormnatt’s pages on your social media of choice and, if/ when you’re able to, purchase their album, if that’s possible for you.




Until next day.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: Stormnatt


Album: Omega Therion (2014)


Label: Self Mutilation Services




1. Ascension of the Scarlett Angel

2. Dead Soul Meditation

3. The Bitter Fruits of Deceit

4. Omega Therion

5. Deathmagick

6. Evangelist of the Fall – Death’s Seed

7. Lost and Forgotten


Stormnatt is:


Notodden – Bass, Guitars

P. – Drums, Guitars

Mord – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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October 3, 2014


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