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Straightline – Alteration of the Rules



Founded in 1998, Straighline is a German band that plays, in their words, “Skatepunk/HC/Metal and 80ies Thrash/Crossover Shit”. I always had a place in my hear for Punk music as that’s the genre I “found out” my kind of music, then my tastes and discoveries led me to metal, but I never forgot Punk.


The EP is short and so will be this review, as I don’t want to pad things out. The music is awesome, fast, melodic, filled with the well-known Punk choruses and the vibe of old-school Thrash and, obviously, Punk, all cooked in a very catchy stew. The musicianship is also excellent, working very well. You feel that the band is enjoying themselves while playing the music they created.




If you like this “blend”, that other bands play as well, you can not miss Straightline, it will affect you very positively, as you’ll feel like singing along, and you just won’t be able to stand still. If you don’t have the slightest interest in Crossover/ Punk with Thrash Metal influences, then just don’t check it, as this won’t change your mind. But don’t fool yourselves; I’m talking about high quality music in its style. I just loved it. It gave me that early 90’s nostalgic mood.


The production adds points to the release, as it’s really exceptional. All instrumentals and vocals are clearly heard and distinguished from each other. And we should have in mind that the album is self-released. Magnificent work here.




I end this review as I always do, please, do what’s possible for you to help promoting the band, be it about writing a new review, telling your friends about it, sharing their links on your social network of choice, attend the gigs, buy an album or the merchandise, what you are able to. And, as for the release, in my humble it’s amazing, but this is not the usual stuff I review here, so, don’t go just by my view point, read other reviews, search for the release on Bandcamp and so on.


Promo kindly provided by Markus Eck / METALMESSAGE PR.




I wish you all a good day.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Straightline


Album: Alteration of the Rules (EP – 2014)


Label: Self-released




1. Alteration of the Rules

2. Retrogressive

3. Unfinished Story

4. Blistering Attack


Straightline is:


Bart – Guitars of Steel and Voices from Hell

Herzna – Bass, Tatoos and Jokes

Randy – Thundercastle and Driving

Enric – Guitar and Accent from Spain (not Mexico). Still awesome


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:

July 26, 2014


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