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Sühnopfer was founded in 2001 by Ardraos, member of very interesting French bands such as Peste Noire and, as a live musician, Aorlhac. In 2010, the band released an impressive album named “Nos Sombres Chapelles”, which made me follow Sühnopfer releases. Well, of course we all had to wait, since it took four years after that in order to listen to new material by Sühnopfer. In 2014, Offertoire comes to light and I shall share you my thoughts about it.




As soon as I heard the first seconds of Offertoire, I knew this was a multiple eargasm inducing release. Simply outstanding in its raw, crude and yet beautiful, magnificent and proud atmosphere, this album exudes audacity and pride, melancholy and despair in majestic compositions. There’s an epic and medieval feel that gives Offertoire a very special touch, turning the music into an utterly special creation. I am indeed, one more time, impressed with Ardraos’ work.




The album has everything that is needed when it comes to a qualitative Black Metal release: fast-paced, but there are also mid/ slow-paced atmospheric parts as well, just to let you know that this isn’t one of those albums that are pure noise and nothing more, tremolo picking, blast-beats, but all with Andraos unique musical approach. The vocals are desperate, angry and different, far from the standard “shrieks”. I’m not sure if it’s something that might be enjoyed by “all”, but, in my humble opinion, they’re amazing, since you can sense its sincere feeling of fury and sorrow. The songs are all very well-structured and show that Andraos is a talented musician; he’s capable of creating a medieval aura without having to resort to clichés.




A few more words about Offertoire, obviously you’ve already concluded that this is a dark album, but never sounding cheesy like it happens to many bands that try to “look” evil. It’s also melodic and aggressive, very powerful and, in my modest view, a breath of fresh air when you believe that there’s almost nothing new to be created in the Black Metal scenario. About the album’s production, I do believe that we can say that it’s also another positive aspect of this release as it’s not that clean, but neither fuzzy or lo-fi; the music is enjoyed in all its greatness.




So, my friends, these are some thoughts about Offertoire, a release that simply left me speechless with its skilled, unique and honest approach. I invite you all to check the band’s music, you can do it legally via “Those Opposed Records” official Bandcamp page and, if you like this suggestion, if you enjoy Andraos music, I urge you to support the band and the label in any way that is possible for you.




Take care.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Sühnopfer


Album: Offertoire (2014)


Label: Those Opposed Records




  1. Introït – Saints Mystères
  2. Sonnent les Aurisses (Montmorillon)
  3. Les Légendes de l’Ours
  4. Majestueux Repaire
  5. Chevalier Maudit
  6. La Tour du Pendu
  7. Messe des Morts


Sühnopfer is:


Ardraos – All Instruments, Vocals


Official Facebook:


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March 25, 2015


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