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Sun Worship – Elder Giants



Unfortunately there aren’t really more information about the band I’m sharing my thoughts today other than they’re located in Berlin. I’m talking about the Black Metal band Sun Worship. Founded in the year 2010, the band only began playing live shows in 2012. After one demo, two Splits and one EP, in 2014 Sun Worship releases the band’s début album named “Elder Giants”.




If you’re a regular reader of this website, you know that while I type my thoughts, I listen to the album one more time, just to remind me of the feelings that it caused to my person and I honestly don’t know to put in words how I’m feeling right now. It’s like I’ve reached the nirvana state, I’m floating and pure. It’s simply strange, but yet peaceful and relaxing. The music crafted by Sun Worship is obviously fast and aggressive, like any Black Metal band should be, but at the same time it’s of such beauty, such elegance that made me feel blissful. Atmospheric, epic and mesmerizing.




As for the music itself, there are blistering tremolo picking, repetitive droning elements, doom metal interludes, dark, cold and imposing. The guitars also sound very melodic and the riffs are incredible. The whole atmosphere of the album, as well as the instrumental, is simply majestically stunning. Electronica elements/ influences can be found on the release as well, especially the last song (which is basically of this genre). The vocals are handled with refinement and “Elder Giants” level of sophistication is simply to be praised. Interesting enough is that there are also some Cascadian Black Metal influences in this German release as well.




The album’s production is raw and heavy, but far, far from those buzzing albums that are too hard to be able to fully enjoy them. All in all, the production fits “Elder Giants” quite well and is fine. I’ve read a few reviews before listening to the album that “there was nothing new” and for that they weren’t pleased. I have to say that humbly disagree, I don’t care if the music is completely innovative or not, I care if the music has passion and quality. This is, without doubt, the case of Sun Worship. So, I ask you, my cherished readers, to give this band a try and, in case you enjoy their music, please, support them the way that is possible for you.




Have a good day.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Sun Worship


Album: Elder Giants (2014)


Label: Independent/ An Out Recordings | Sick Man Getting Sick Records




1. We Sleep

2. The Absolute Is Becoming

3. Elder Giants

4. Transneptunian (Infinite Gaze)


Sun Worship is:


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December 10, 2014


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