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Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise



Thantifaxath is a Canadian band hailing from Toronto that plays Black Metal. After releasing a self-titled EP in 2011, the band presents us their début album “Sacred White Noise”. There isn’t much information laying around the internet about the band since the musicians want to remain anonymous, only that it seems that Thantifaxath is composed of three members.




I’m speechless; I have no speech, to quote Seinfeld. “Sacred White Noise” is superb, intense, eerie and chaotic. There’s an apocalyptic feeling all over the songs, turning this album into a dark, malevolent work of art. Also, we have some psychedelic mood that feels almost hypnotic. “Sacred White Noise” is experimental, in a way a bit strange, and, at the same time, refined and sumptuous.




The music is indeed hellish, haunting and extraordinary, featuring anguished, tortured and insane vocals, tremolo picking and blast-beats, but also atmospheric melodic parts. The guitars are fierce, raging and fast, presenting us with the weight and “evil sounding” that is necessary in this genre. There are other musical influences in “Sacred White Noise” as well, but the album is mainly violent, aggressive Black Metal, composed beautifully.




The album’s production is beyond words for this genre; actually, it’s very respectable when it comes to any musical genre. This is, in my humble opinion, an amazing release that needs to be heard out there. And that’s what I ask of you, to support Thantifaxath, to help them spreading their music in any way that is possible for you.




Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Thantifaxath


Album: Sacred White Noise (2014)


Label: Dark Descent Records




1. The Bright White Nothing at the End of the Tunnel

2. Where I End and the Hemlock Begins

3. Gasping in Darkness

4. Eternally Falling

5. Panic Becomes Despair

6. Lost in Static Between Worlds


Thantifaxath is:


Not available – The members would like to remain anonymous.


Official Label:


Label’s Bandcamp:


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November 23, 2014


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