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The End – White Lotus



I’ve reviewed The End’s work on a previous post a few months ago. Just to remind you, The End is a one man band from Kalyan, India. The band, or better, the sole musician, has already stated, as I’ve quoted before, that his music is influenced by darkness, depression, suicidal thoughts, extreme sadness and melancholy, all in a post-black metal/ rawgaze musical path.


First of all, I have to mention that the band has progressed immensely from the previous works. The maturity of the music is better and so is the production. This is more of an impossible romance/ love relationship album and it feels indeed quite romantic, but also sad and depressive.




The music is still very atmospheric, with both clean and harsh vocals, spoken parts between the man and a lady, one thing I must observe, and this is one more time a personal opinion, my own taste, I don’t really like spoken parts in music. I’m not talking about The End exclusively, but in a general way. Heavy use of ambient synths, chants and an experimental vibe complete the description of this release. Post-rock, ambient and black metal are the main genres played on this work. I have to add that this is indeed a huge improvement for the band.


The production, as I’ve stated before, is so much better, that is, very clean and you are able to enjoy all the instruments with distinction. So, I finalize this article by asking you to support The End the way that is possible for you. This band is only improving its work and, in my humble opinion, has a bright future.




Have a good day!


Grade: 9,4/10


Band: The End


Album: White Lotus (EP – 2014)


Label: Cvlminis




1. Across The Ocean

2. UrbaNausea (feat. B.M.)

3. White Lotus (feat. Ky)

4. Drown with a sunshine smile (feat. S.T.N.)


The End is:


Svartblod – Everything


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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October 31, 2014


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