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Uburen – Withered Roots



Before I start talking about today’s new album, as this is the first time I’m reviewing this band, not only here on Metal-Maniac, but also on the MetalCast Show, I believe I must share some information about them, which follows: “Norway’s Uburen was formed in 2010 and after a long struggle to find the right line-up and sound they ended up with a mutual ideology of resurfacing the Viking folklore.


Uburen band 1


The band explains the meaning of their name the following way: “The word Uburen is based on old Norse, and can not be directly translated into English, but its meaning would be; carried out or cast out. It is said that desperate mothers who didn’t see any other way out for their weak and unwanted babies, would throw them off the edge of the mountain”.”


Uburen band 2


Well, considering the band’s name I was very interested on what they had to hear, as it is very deep, very emotional and profound. It also carries some sort of a melancholic aura and it drew my attention. And I also have a passion for Viking Metal since the times of Eld from Enslaved and Einherjer’s Dragons of the North. Since then, I’ve always had a deep admiration and regard for this musical genre. Of course there are a few bands here and there that aren’t worth our time, but which genre doesn’t?


Uburen band 3


And now for some album description as well as my thoughts and feelings over it; it’s not easy to create Viking Metal that has real emotion, lots of bands prefer the easy way, that is, to simply sound Viking, but it feels bland, apathetic and sterile, but this doesn’t apply to Uburen’s “Withered Roots”. There’s the Viking Metal characteristics sounds, obviously and black metal, but this album has emotion, “Withered Roots”, in my modest view, is filled with deep sentiments. You just feel it while listening to the album. As for the music itself, it’s very ritualistic, tribal, featuring pagan and black metal characteristics, fast parts, blast beats, brutal guitars, impressive vocals, including shrieks, growls and almost spoken parts and an excellent production.




As it’s stated on their promo package, Uburen don’t create their music by playing “nice sing-along boy-scout-campfire melodies, like some other so-called Viking Metal bands are doing, but by stirring violent emotions in the listener that make him/her dream that they are taking part in a bloody Viking raid. The music is ferocious and harsh, but is full of underlying melodies and adds a real majestic and monumental feel to it.” Yes, I immensely agree with such statement, the music is indeed very harsh, ruthless and powerful, but also majestic and melancholic at times. Such a great “mix”, in my humble opinion.




I urge you all to give this release a chance! It’s just incredible, stunning, I loved it. It’s a must for any Viking Metal fan that enjoys a “more serious” sound. And, as I always ask, please, if you liked the band, do what you can to support them, what is in your power, what is able for you. They definitely deserve this “help”.


zUburen Cover


Promo kindly provided by Melissa from FullBlast!PR.


Until next time!


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Uburen


Album: Withered Roots


Label: Independent




1. Aegir

2. Sea Of Deceit

3. Asmegin

4. Blood Eagle

5. Escape

6. Voluspaa

7. Kampen

8. Deprived Of Empathy

9. Forgotten Battlecries

10. Visions of Valhalla


Uburen is:


Bior Kjetilson – Bass

Thord Olavson – Drums

Ask Kjetilson – Guitars


Official Facebook:


All pictures belong to their rightful owners.

July 25, 2014


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