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As I’ve mentioned many times here on Metal Maniac, I’ve always enjoyed the Polish Metal scene, but, until some time, I usually just listened/ knew Pagan and Black Metal and, of course some Death Metal bands such as Vader and Yattering. Now I’ve been in touch with many other Extreme Metal bands that play Thrash and Death Metal and I assure you, my friends, there’s much to be discovered in Poland, tons of interesting bands hailing from this nation. Unsaint is one of them, formed in the year 2008, the band released their second EP in the end of 2013 named “Watch Them Bleed”. Citing influences such as Slayer, Sodom, Destroyer666 and Pantera, I was curious to listen to what they had to deliver.




Let me be direct, the music is awesome. It’s a blend of fast and vicious Death and Thrash Metal, with furious vocals, guitars and drums, all very aloud and heavy. It’s just great, I feel like headbanging all the way. You can sense that Unsaint’s musicians are very technical and skilled. And the music, yet “unholy”, sounds exciting and lively. And there are some musical choruses that, in my humble opinion, sound completely neat.




There’s a groove atmosphere in the EP, also it sounds modern and at the same time old-school, blending the best of what each genre has to offer. I can only imagine how this band’s live concert must be and how I’d love to attend one of them, it should be a complete nuclear bombardment, as the music they play. A nuke to your ears! More than recommended!




The band states that they’re the DIY style and this EP completely proves that if you’re doing it yourself, the quality doesn’t have to be low. The production of the album, the way the instruments and vocals sound are great. This band really deserves more listeners, so, please, give them a chance, listen to the album on their Bandcamp page, spread the word, let your friends know about them, post their links on preferred your social network, whatever you are able to.




Take care.


Grade: 9,3/10


Band: Unsaint


Album: Watch Them Bleed (EP – 2013)


Label: Independent




  1. Machine Gun Boy
  2. Sucked Deep Beneath
  3. Lucifire (We bring the light)
  4. Gasoline Redemption
  5. Apostatic


Unsaint is:


Eldricht – Vocals

Pakk – Guitars, 2nd Vocals

Androl – Drums

Dziko – Guitars

Owca – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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December 8, 2014


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