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Utstott – Hjorungavågr



I stumbled upon the band I’m sharing my thoughts today by luck, when I was re-searching about new epic extreme metal bands, as it was the kind of music that I wanted to listen to at the night I discovered Utstøtt. I know I had lots of material to review for this website, but I was just in the mood to listen to something like Summoning, but new. And what a “discovery” this was, this band has indeed pleased me.




Utstøtt is single member Epic Black/ Viking metal project based in Oregon. After the EP Legender Odin, released in 2013, Utstøtt releases the début full-length album Hjørungavågr in the year 2015. Citing influences such as Windir, Kampfar,Summoning, Taake, Falkenbach, Nokturnal Mortum and many others, you can already imagine how fine the band’s sound is. But, please, have in mind that Utstøtt plays an interesting blend of the cited bands, creating something of its own.




Clocking about one hour and ten minutes of qualitative Epic/ Atmospheric Black Metal, this album takes you into distant lands and different times with its excellent and exquisite sounds. Symphonic, atmospheric, melancholic, epic and beautiful, Hjørungavågr is a release filled with pagan spirit and heroic tastes. As it was I’ve mentioned before, the music is close, in some sort of way, to Caladan Brood, Summoning and Agalloch, orchestral and elegant. I believe I should also add that Hjørungavågr also feels very emotional and honest, one release that is utterly strong and energetic. The majesty of this work is beyond description.




The production of the album is clean enough for this genre, maybe a few instruments here and there a bit “loud” at some moments, but, all in all, I believe it’s also an admirable work when it comes to this aspect of Hjørungavågr as well. I admit, I’m completely hooked and glad to see that there is still great music to be discovered out there. This band, in my humble opinion, completely deserves our full support and that’s what I ask of you. Please, check Utstøtt’s music at the official Bandcamp page and if you like it, promote and, again, support this outstanding creator of extreme art.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Utstøtt


Album: Hjørungavågr (2015)


Label: Celestial Oak Productions




  1. Hjørungavåg
  2. Hagl over stekende skip
  3. Skrotter under bølgene
  4. En hedensk død
  5. Etterlivet
  6. Skjønnhet av Fólkvangr
  7. Storsalen av eik
  8. Klippene over og skogen under
  9. Uskadd ved menneskeheten


Utstøtt is:


Navnløs – Everything


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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March 20, 2015


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