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I remember when Vader released the album Litany fourteen years ago and I used to drive listening to Wings on repeat mode just to forget some problems I had back them, studying related, some problems with a professor. So, if I had to choose the bands that are a part of the “soundtrack of my life”, Vader would be among them for sure. Now, in 2014, this Polish institution released a new CD, named “Tibi et Igni”.




Sounding like classic Vader and one of their most varied albums, “Tibi et Igni” is one of my favorite Death Metal albums of the year. The album is what you expect from an experienced and highly praised, straight and brutal music. The riffing, of course, is incredible and this album, in my modest view, is much better than the previous ones (which I already liked as well). One thing that I should add and that I’ve noticed when talking to people about this album is that it’s indeed very hard to review a Vader album because it is a Vader album. It’s pretty obvious, but that’s the reason. I’m not saying that Vader albums all sound alike, not at all, but when you first start listening to the album without being told which band is, you know it is Vader. There’s no way to commit a mistake.




The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. “Tibi et Igni”, in my humble opinion, is an absolute Death Metal masterpiece. Everything that you love about old-school death metal, with Peter’s unique vocals, major agressive riffing, furious drumming and tremendous atmosphere, this album stands among Vader’s finest work.




Last, but not least, even though Vader is a very famous band on the metal scene, that doesn’t mean they’re millionaires. Peter is one hell of a guy and the band needs and deserves your support, especially attending their live shows. And, like I always ask, if you can, buy the album. Vader is older than most of us, but they seem to have more energy than myself!


See you all later.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Vader


Album: Tibi et Igni (2014)


Label: Nuclear Blast




1. Go to Hell

2. Where Angels Weep

3. Armada on Fire

4. Triumph of Death

5. Hexenkessel

6. Abandon All Hope

7. Worms of Eden

8. The Eye of the Abyss

9. The Light Reaper

10. The End


Vader is:


Peter – Vocals

Spider Guitars

Hal – Bass

James Stewart – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


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June 27, 2014


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