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I’ve decided to start my reviews by always pointing something educational, be it about the band’s country, city, thematic, whatever I might have some knowledge or that I can research. Well, this is the second Polish metal band I’m reviewing, so, what can I say about Poland? There’s so much that I’d need to write a book. So, well, let’s see what’s interesting about the city “War Messiah” hails from. Located in West Poland, Gorzów Wielkopolski (or Gorzów Wlkp.) is famous for its fine sportsmen including Olympic and world champions and national representatives. Yes, I wikipedia that. One thing that I learned as well is that Zbigniew Herbert, whose I admire his works (well, the translated ones) lived for some years in this city that looks very beautiful. Well, something to recommend: read some of Zbigniew Herbert’s works.


And now let’s talk about the band, what I think (well, it’s pretty much obvious, hehe) is the main reason (or the only one) for people to read this review. War Messiah is one more band that has impressed me for being so young, as a band as well as the members, all among 17 and 24 years old! I was impressed because, after repeatedly listening to “Graveyard Feeding”, I feel that the musicianship is outstanding and the production values are all top notch.




All the instruments sound very powerful and so does the vocals. The music is fast and catchy, with different vocal styles ranging throughout the music, death metal growls, thrash metal screams, it’s incredible. Instrumentally speaking, everything sound very tight, they complete each other, making “Graveyard Feeding” a very well-balanced release. The band plays, as mentioned before, a mixture of death and thrash metal, with old-school influences, but, in my humble opinion, I don’t see these influences being taken as what they play, but, instead, simply a direction, which turns their music innovative. Of course we know that it’s hard to play something completely innovative on the death/ thrash genre, but these guys are very close to. I really enjoyed the EP.


This is the kind of album that drives you crazy, that makes you want to headbang and see the band playing live someday. I am very lucky that all albums I’ve reviewed so far have presented me with new, different and fascinating bands. I wish all the luck for this band on their future plans.


Grade: 9,2/10


Band: War Messiah


Album: Graveyard Feeding (EP – 2014)


Label: All Seeing Eye Art (Independent now)


Track list:


1. Kill Your Priest

2. War Messiah

3. Suicide

4. Graveyard Feeding


War Messiah is:


Bartek “Bzyku” Majka – Bass/ Vocal

Przemek “Hagrid” Hampelski – Drums

Paweł Sroka – Lead/ Rhythm Guitars

Sławek Wojnicki – Lead/ Rhythm guitar


Official Facebook:

Official Bandcamp:


June 3, 2014