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Wintercold – Naturen… Vår Sista Hållplats



I was sent some material from the label Salute Records and as there were “too many” (and I use quotation marks because I don’t think music can be considered too much) releases, I decided to review the ones from the year 2014 and 2013. Among them I found, as you can conclude from some of my previous reviews, a lot of great, unknown music that desperately needs more attention. Of course the music release through Salute Records is aimed for people that are, mostly, into old-school Black Metal, blasphemous and with lo-fi production, but great music nonetheless.


Anyways, Wintercold is one of the many projects of Satanic Tony, also owner of Salute Records, a person that has been involved in the metal scene for over thirty years, so, just by that, this is highly respectable, as, unfortunately, many give up on this great, in my humble opinion the greatest, musical genre, maybe due to extremism from the own person (there comes a time that you won’t be able to stand being so extremist), social pressures or whatever. So, let’s head back to the band information, Wintercold plays, in the band’s words, Funeral Dark Atmospheric Black/ Doom/ Neofolk (Thrash/Speed inspired).




I really dig this EP; the music feels energetic and sorrowful, cold, harsh and atmospheric. There were times that, in a way, some of the songs presented here reminded me of Moonblood. You can really sense that this is a work of love, very well thought and balanced. The Doom Metal elements surfaces at many times and the acoustic guitars add more diversity in this release. The epic/ folkish melodies turn “Naturen… Vår Sista Hållplats” in a beautiful experience.


To end up this review, as I always repeat myself, I urge you all to support this band, the label and the musician, no matter what you are able to. If you can only promote the music by sharing the links on your page, in my modest view, that is great, you are helping, no matter what. If you can purchase the release, great as well, you’ll be helping the band to be kept alive.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Wintercold


Album: Naturen… Vår Sista Hållplats (EP – 2013 – rereleased in 2014)


Label: Independent/ Salute Records




1. Naturen, vår sista hållplats

2. En Sista Kyss

3. I Dårskapens Land

4. Döden Leker Tafatt

5. Himlen är Mörk

6. The Dawn Is Here

7. Arvet

8. Winter Times, Darker Times


Wintercold is:


Satanic Tony – Everything


Official Facebook:


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September 12, 2014


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