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Wolvhammer – Clawing into Black Sun



Well, today I’m sharing my thoughts over the band Wolvhammer. I’ll copy a small part of their biography in order for you to know what I’m talking about, if you haven’t already. Sorry, I like to write in my own words, but I’m feeling an excruciating pain and I want to talk about this album today. Here is the information about the band: “Minneapolis/Chicago metal band Wolvhammer have morphed into quite the killing machine over the years of self-infliction, abuse, and debauchery. With their new third full-length album, “Clawing Into Black Sun” (…) With the band planning on many live assaults in support of “Clawing Into Black Sun”, the new Wolvhammer album will lend a new awareness to the band and see them become even more recognized with their most punishing and accomplished offering yet.




I have to admit that I love the album. Crafted with maturity and creativity, Wolvhammer presets us a Black Metal album with punk, deathrock and sludge influences. There’s a cold, bleak atmosphere that, in my humble opinion, feels so tremendous and monumental that it’s indeed one of the highlights of the album. And it doesn’t feel forced at all. The shrieking vocals, exhilarating guitar work, ferocious drumming and mood constructive bass are all elements of this outstanding release.




Even though the atmosphere is almost bleak (not in a bad way), the whole music feels bombastic, but not super fast all the time, rather heavy, with speed and varied tempos. The music is also very technical, eloquent and engaging. There are elegant moments, exquisite melodies and an overall highly enjoyable feeling concerning the music. In my modest view, this is one of the best albums of the year.




“Clawing into Black Sun” production is clean and commendable, not to crystal clear and not too muddy; I believe it pleases everyone in this field. So, I ask you all, like I always do, to, please, support Wolvhammer, the band really deserves it. You can always find a way to help the band, even when sharing their page on your Facebook, letting your friends know about them, anything really. I hope to hear more and more about and from this band in the future.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Wolvhammer


Album: Clawing into Black Sun (2014)


Label: Profound Lore Records




1. The Silver Key

2. Clawing into Black Sun

3. Slaves to the Grime

4. The Desanctification

5. Lethe

6. In Reverence

7. Death Division

8. A Light That Does Not Yield


Wolvhammer is:


Joe Noel – Bass

Heath Rave – Drums

Adam Clemans – Vocals

Jeff Wilson – Guitars

Brendan Seven – Guitars


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

November 29, 2014


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