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Yaşru is one of the bands I am mostly intrigued with lately. I can not stop listening to the latest album, which I’m reviewing here; I simply fell in love with this release. But first, let’s get to know a bit more about this Turkish band. Yaşru was created not a long ago, in the year 2009 to play Folk Doom Metal using ethnic instruments and singing in their native Turkish language. The main lyrical themes are the ancient Turkic sagas as well as the Ancient Central Asian wars. In 2012, Yaşru released the band’s début album named “Öd Tengri Yasar”. In the current year, we are able to listen to the band’s sophomore release, Öz.


The band’s music is mostly composed of atmospheric Doom Metal melodies, but with addition of folk instruments, giving the album a very colorful and rich ethnic texture. The compositions here are very well done and intriguing, different from all the Folk music we are used to listen to. I think that, when a band wants to create a landscape with their music, and they manage to make you feel over there, in that landscape, that’s when they achieve total success. When listening to Öz, I feel like I’m walking on the streets of Istanbul or overlooking the Bosphorous in a slow boat or in Central Anatolia, in Cappadocia, I feel like I’m traveling in Turkey, that I’m actually there. In my humble opinion, there’s no price for such feeling.




Back to the music, it’s mesmerizing, so beautiful and unique. It’s ethereal, melodic and melancholic. The use of ethnical instruments, as I’ve mentioned before, enrich so much the experience. This is just delightful. As I always type my reviews, I type them while listening to the album again and I just feel like I’m floating in the air, feeling the breeze of rural Turkey in my face and hands. There are not really words to describe how passionate I feel over this music… I guess this is all a personal experience, but I can assure you that, if you decide to listen to Öz, you’ll be presented with a creative, stunning work of art. You might not enjoy as much as I did, but I truly believe that you’ll not be completely disappointed and I say that because, as we all know, tastes are very subjective.


The production work is top-notch, nothing else to be observed on this field. So, I urge you all to give it a listen, to see if you’ll like Yaşru and, if so, to support the band the way that you are able to. I hope to hear new releases from these talented Turkish musicians in the near future.




Take care.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Yaşru


Album: Öz (2014)


Label: Independent




1. Saymalıtaş

2. Tunç Yürekliler

3. Yol Verin Dağlarım

4. Yağmur

5. Öd Tengri Yasar

6. Bilge Kağan’nın Sözü

7. Kara Haber

8. Gecenin Türküsü


Yaşru is:


Batur Akçura – Bass

Mert Gezgin – Drums

Berk Öner – Vocals, Guitars, Ethnic Instruments


Official Facebook:


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October 11, 2014


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